The Thomas Hardye School

Trenchard Community Link with Castle View



From the beginning of January, Amber Mills and Charlotte Harp have been visiting Castle View Nursing Home in Poundbury as part of their Trenchard college community link project. They have communicated and interacted with the residents, with lots of time spent playing word games such as Boggle, Scrabble and completing crosswords! Going regularly each week enabled some really good connections to be made and the girls felt they really had a good relationship with the residents by the end.

The girls said “This opportunity has really developed my people skills and my confidence. I think it’s great for mental health too as it has really been an ‘escape’ and a real boost to self –esteem. As well as all of this, the experience has also really developed my literacy skills with all of the word games!”

After half term, a new group of students will be visiting the nursing home and continuing the link.

Mrs Noble



January 2018