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THS CCF wins at Okehampton

CCF Summer Camp


THS CCF deployed to Okehampton Camp on Dartmoor Training Area, Devon from 7 – 13 July 2018 on the 2018 HQSW Central Summer Camp for a week of intense training, personal development and success. 

Sunday 08 July 2017 – Military Skills day on Dartmoor Training Area

The military skills day on DTA involved cadets being split into mixed APC Basic and APC Advanced training groups. The cadet deployed as infantry rifle sections and platoons for mixture of tactical field training sessions and military skills application.

Monday 09 July 2018 – Leadership and Survival

A day of wilderness training conducted inside Okehampton Camp by the company Footsteps of Discovery based in Cornwall.  The day focused on wilderness training such as lighting fires through use of friction and flint, production and use of primitive tools and weapons including axe throwing, knot tying and casualty evacuation.


Tuesday 10 July 2018 - Adventurous Training at Roadford Lake

The adventurous training package at Roadford Lake involved a mixture of water based activities:

1)      Raft building and races

2)      Windsurfing

3)      Paddle boarding

4)      Sailing


Wednesday 11 July 2018 - Range package

The range day was again very warm but being so close to the coast at Straight Point Ranges, Exmouth, an ideal day to be on the ranges to get the best possible outcomes. 

The range package consisted of a number of stands: 

1)      DCCT electronic range

2)      A2 rifle 50m range

3)      A2 rifle 100m electronic target range

4)      Light Support Weapon experience shoot for senior cadets

5)      Background and concurrent activities


Thursday 12 July 2018 - Wyvern Challenge

The Wyvern Challenge was a mixture of military skills and leadership challenge stands:

1)      CQB    

2)      Command Task          

3)      DCCT Range

4)      Observation Post        

5)      Cassim (Casualty Simulation)             

6)      Section Attack

7)      Grenade Range          

8)      Skill at Arms

This was a very physically and mentally demanding day for the teams who were both highly commended for their determination, teamwork and resilience throughout the day.  Special mention was also made by the CTT of the leadership qualities of the cadet NCOs in the teams.  Team 5 came runner up in the Challenge and Team 6 won the challenge, not only for that day but the week. 



Summer Camp Video

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