The Thomas Hardye School

THS  ‘Pop-Up’ Escape Room

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A small group of Year 10 students have been busy each Wednesday lunchtime over the past few weeks constructing an Escape Room in the Skills for Life classroom H14.

They have used a range of puzzles and materials to put together a number of challenging tasks for other students, with an overall ‘goal’ to achieve. But the clock is ticking … which team can escape the quickest?

The Skills for Life tutor Mr Oliphant also received requests from teachers and other school staff to “give it a go”. 

Last Friday 20 July five teams challenged themselves in the Escape Room.  All the teams managed to escape safely and thoroughly enjoyed themselves in the process, bringing a welcome end to a busy and hot summer term.  Well done.

When asked for a comment on the work the students had done Mr Oliphant said “It was a lot harder to put together than we first thought, but it came together with some hard work and creativity and posed a real challenge to students and staff alike”.

It is hoped that other Escape Rooms could be built in the future.





July 2018