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China Visit


On Thursday 18th November 25 students, Miss Bright, Mrs Hedgecox and Mr Hardinge  started their epic journey to China. It was 2 a.m. when we left Dorchester and after a very long flight we arrived in Shanghai on Friday morning. 

We were in Shanghai for the next three days sightseeing and experiencing what China had to offer and it did not disappoint. Activities included seeing The Bund skyline during the day and of course all lit up at night, visiting a traditional Chinese Watertown, the local chaotic Chinese market and then a visit to The Shanghai museum. Students were enjoying the busy hustle and bustle of what was on offer with some classic purchases of Chinese clothing and hats. 

It was time to go and meet the staff and students at Wenzhou No. 22 Middle School which we have established as an international school link. This link will hopefully mean they will come back to THS during the summer of 2019. Students were introduced to some typical Chinese lessons including chirography, seal cutting, archery, boxing, chinese musical and signing lesson. These lessons were a fantastic experience for staff and students alike. Our time was coming to an end at Wenzhou and what a show stopping performance we were treated to. 

THS going to China was a  truly amazing experience that will be treasured for a long time for everyone involved. We look forward to hopefully going back again in the future and maintaining not only a school link, but a friendship with Wenzhou for a long time. The students were a credit to us as a school and should be praised for their achievements. 

Poem written by Mrs Hedgecox which summed up our experience in China

Early in the morning we boarded the bus 
Excitement radiating from each of us 
As we were leaving the green fields of Dorset behind 
Thoughts of China soon came to our minds 

We landed at Shanghai and soon found our guide 
And we couldn’t believe it when we stepped outside 
Crowds of people were rushing by 
And there were skyscrapers reaching up to the sky

In Dorset our roads are quiet and calm 
At first the streets of Shanghai caused some alarm 
The roads and the streets are all very busy 
Cars and scooters, beeping and making us dizzy 

A visit to the bund was such a delight 
Especially when it was lit up at night 
Walking the streets we have loved to roam 
Taking in the sights in a new time zone 

With chopsticks in hand, we’ve tried lots of new dishes 
As we are still learning there has been some near misses 
Our favourite sweet is the white rabbit 
We like them so much, it’s becoming quite a habit 

Thank you for welcoming us here today 
We will be sad to go on our way 
You’ve been so kind greeting us with a smile 
Thank you for going the extra mile 

We have enjoyed our time in your lessons so much 
Now we have WeChat we can keep in touch 
We hope to see you in England one day 
Your kindness and hospitality we will replay

Our visit here has made us think 
How lucky we are to have made this link 
We have enjoyed sharing in what you have learned 
But friendship is the greatest thing we have earned. 


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October 2018