The Thomas Hardye School

History Students uncover Elizabethan and Victorian London



GCSE History students visited London to gain an insight into Elizabethan theatre by touring Shakespeare’s Globe. Tour guides from the Globe helped bring to life what it would have been like to visit the theatre at its height of popularity towards the end of the Elizabethan era. Students learned about the negative perception of actors and players in the day, who were seen by many as little better than criminals.

Students then visited the Old Operating Theatre, Europe’s oldest surviving operating theatre and formerly part of St Thomas’s Hospital. Here they viewed and handled historical artefacts and took part in a workshop re-enacting Victorian Surgery. Here they learned that having surgery prior to the 1860s was more likely to kill you than not having the operation due to infection! Following this they took a short walking-tour of London’s cholera outbreak districts.

Students said: “The history trip was really fun and interesting, one of the best school trips I have been on. My favourite part was seeing inside of the historical buildings and learning new facts about them. (Amelia Griffiths). “It was very helpful and informative, especially the health related sections and it will help my GCSE a lot.” (Jacob Elliott).





October 2018