The Thomas Hardye School

Company at Christmas

Company Presentation


Sixth Form tutor groups have worked together to produce lovely gift hampers for Company at Christmas, an initiative run by the Dorchester Volunteer Centre. 

Volunteers take elderly residents from around the area to Dorchester County Hospital on Christmas Day where they attend the annual Christmas Party which includes a Christmas Dinner and entertainment.  Each guest is given a hamper of gifts and food to take home.  The recipients are generally those who live alone and have no family to visit them at Christmas so this is often the only gift they will receive as well as having the opportunity to celebrate the season in the company of other people.

As shown in the photograph of our Student Union President, Molly, presenting the hampers to Toni of Dorchester Volunteer Centre, the tutor groups were extremely generous and we were able to hand over so many gifts that they actually filled the back of their van!



December 2018