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Thomas Hardye students win Maths Competition - again!

Prize winners

We first reported this amazing achievement just before Christmas. The Maths Department at Thomas Hardye School celebrated winning the Ritangle Maths competition for the second year in a row, now student Joel Nugent writesabout the experience:

'We first heard about this competition from our teacher, and were intrigued when we found out that the winners from last year were also from this school. We signed up with a team of 9 and every week for 5 weeks we were given warm-up questions which tested our maths, problem solving and coding abilities. After that came the questions: for 20 consecutive school days, we were given a problem to solve, some of which we completed in the first few hours, some which took us even longer, but having successfully completed all 25 questions, we were ready to move onto the final round. This was a whole day's gruelling work, a full 7 hours with all of us working at full speed towards this final multi-part question, which incorporated all previous questions to find the final set of answers. At around 3:47 PM, we submitted our final answer.'

'The next day we received a call from Integral Maths. We had won! Against all other 550 competing schools, our team was the first to submit a fully correct answer to the challenge, winning a Maths hamper full of prizes and a beautiful trophy. This was an excellent learning experience and all of us thoroughly enjoyed the journey that we made together.'

Joel Nugent

The school is very proud of the students’ achievement and the commitment shown by them throughout the competition. On the day there was a high level of excitement and suspense as the students worked through the problems. Teacher, Claire Tanner, said ‘The students were an amazing team and we were as excited as they were to hear that they had won. We are very grateful to Integral Maths for organising such an interesting and challenging competition. ’. The Maths Department has also taken students to competitions in Dorset and to ‘Maths Fest 2019’, an inspirational day of talks in London; they also continue to take part in the UK Maths Trust Maths Challenges every year.


See it on the Integral Maths Ritangle website:




February 2019