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Students Organise Amnesty Lecture

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The Thomas hardye School Community Lecture ‘The Refugee Crisis’ was planned and organised by the Thomas Hardye Sixth Form Amnesty group, which was founded by year 13 students (Holly Anderson, Celia Hounsell and Tilly Mason) and comprises of students from year 12 and 13.

Over the last few months the group voted to focus upon the crimes against humanity committed against the Rohingya Muslims by the Myanmar government, raising awareness of this throughout the school and organising events in aid of the Amnesty Relief fund.

So far the group has conducted a bake-sale, volunteered at the Tree of Hope event and given an assembly to Sixth Form students. The community lecture developed upon the wider “We Welcome Refugees” campaign which the group has been supporting and was a collaboration with the Dorchester Syrian Support Group, which helps to coordinate the resettlement and rehoming of Syrian families in and around Dorchester. Najat, a mother from one of the families, spoke about her experiences living in a refugee camp in Northern Iraq as well as how her family have settled into Dorset.

Richard Sloan, a volunteer from the Syrian Support Group, supported Najat by explaining how the group operates and what it has done in aid of the “refugee crisis”. Barry Tempest concluded the evening. He is the current chairman of Dorchester Amnesty International and gave a deeply interesting insight into wider issues such as the reception and treatment of refugees globally and the implications of British Refugee policy.

The group have worked tirelessly over the last few months to organise the event and were happy to see the audience’s positive response and that many had learnt something about a vital, often misconceived contemporary issue. The group wishes to extend thanks to all those who attended and to the guest speakers who made the evening a success!

Holly Anderson
Year 13


March 2019