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Stratford College Environment Group – Beach Clean 1

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Litter picking our way to a better future.

On Friday the 1st of March, the Stratford environment committee and 25 volunteers took the morning to help save our coastline from human pollution.
Over 8 bags of rubbish were rescued from the shores of Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door and all it took were 30 eager Stratford Year 9 and 10 volunteers and a World Heritage Site in much need of protecting against the pollution of the modern day.

After a short minibus ride down to the coast, we were greeted by a local ranger. He gave us a brief introduction on why it is so vital that people volunteer, do the environment a favour and dispose of their rubbish in bins, instead of in the homes of our wonderful wildlife.

Next, the group of volunteers were told some of the safety precautions and what to look out for on our beach clean. After being equipped with litter pickers and heavy duty ‘Surfers Against Sewage’ bags, we prepared to complete the quest of making a difference to our incredible coastline.
After we were armed with the right equipment, we split into two groups: one to take on Lulworth Cove and the other to walk over the hill to Durdle Door and battle with the hidden coves. One group led by Mr Long and the other by Miss Bright and Mr Sammons.

After a couple hours of hard working labour, we reunited as one group and satisfied our needs with an array of treats from the area, including chips, ice-creams and other sweet delicacies! We later returned to school after another short minibus journey and carried on with our normal Friday afternoon.

We would like to thank everyone that co-operated with the efforts to beach clean and hope to carry on organising volunteer work to make a difference to our environment.
Well done!

By Maddison Edwards 10SA



March 2019