The Thomas Hardye School

A Feast of Maths!


Last Thursday, two teams attended a ‘Maths Feast’ competition at The Sir John Colfox Academy in Bridport. This was an opportunity for students to work in teams of 4, competing against the top mathematicians from other schools. There were 4 different rounds which required them to use problem solving skills, demonstrate their mathematical ability and work well as a team under time pressures.

Both teams excelled in this competition with the Napier/Trenchard team winning overall, closely followed by the Henning/Stratford team in second. This is an amazing achievement for these students – congratulations!

Napier/Trenchard team:

Matthew Taylor
David Lewis
Sarah Hannon
Lucy Breakwell

Henning/Stratford team:
Toby Cullinane
Michal Rzepski
Piper Rand
Meryn Griffiths



April 2019