The Thomas Hardye School

The Great International Bake Off!

MFL Staff

The 26th of September is always a very special day for us in the MFL department. This year, we decided to celebrate European Languages Day with a bake off competition. Lots of students took part and brought in very colourful cakes with an international theme to raise awareness on the importance of other cultures and languages; we had cakes representing maps of the world, cupcakes with a vast array of flags from all over the world, French style cakes with beautiful icing and decorations.

All the cakes got sold by the MFL teachers who were dressed up for the occasion, with traditional outfits representing different countries in the world. And it was lovely to see such a big crowd of students who showed their support by buying cakes or simply by coming along to celebrate the event. As for the winner, it was very difficult to make a decision – students really impressed us with their creativity and skills but eventually, after much deliberation, we decided that the 1st prize should be given to Sienna Vincent who produced a cake in the shape of a Russian doll. We also had a few runners up who also got a cash prize: Rosa Smith (map of the world), Anna Lewis/Connie Pyrke-Kardas/Emma Locke (Spanish fruit cake), Ronaldo Rodriguez-Kretz (layered cake) and Evie Penfold (Paris cake).

The Thomas Hardye school is a multi-cultural school with many students who speak a different language at home; to celebrate multiculturalism, many teachers also wore outfits to represent countries all over the world. We are very proud to teach at The Thomas Hardye school, as students certainly showed us during Languages Day that they enjoyed learning languages and being open to different cultures.








September 2019