The Thomas Hardye School

SOAS University: Sixth Form Open Day for the students
who study or wishes to study Japanese at University Part 1

Soas Visit

This event was hosted by SOAS University, Japan Society and Ritsumeikan University in SOAS University Russel Square campus. SOAS University is one of the UCL colleges which specialises in Oriental and African language studies combined with other subjects.

We attended 3 lectures and 3 other allocated activities(such as calligraphy, Manga, Taiko drum, Sushi cooking, Aikido martial art, Kanji Chinese character, and many more) which related to Japanese and other subjects (including business studies, sociology, science, technology, Biology, Chemistry and many more subjects)

A professor from Sheffield University demonstrated how students could combine their core subject studies with Japanese to expand their fields and opportunities beyond U.K. and more for their future employment.

Feed back from our students was very positive and they wish to attend again, if there are similar opportunities in the near future. One of our students said, ''It was best day since I started the Sixth Form at THS!''.

Soas Visit

Soas Visit

Soas visit

Soas Visit

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November 2019