The Thomas Hardye School

Weekly Literacy Focus

Week Three

September 19th 2016


'i before e'


Literacy Focus: ie or ei?
When the sound rhymes with 'bee' it's
i before e except after c:

believe ceiling
achieve receive/receipt
mischief conceit/conceive

…if the sound rhymes with 'bay' or 'bye',
it's e before i:

'bay' 'bye'
neighbour height
weigh feisty
vein either eight seismic

AND keep the order of the root word if…
… 'ei'/'ie' create separate sounds:

reinvent being seeing weird
… 'ei'/'ie' are caused by adding a prefix/suffix:
fancied policies species cried
… 'ei'/'ie' are borrowed from Latin:
science society leisure onomatopoeia


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