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THS Engineering Challenge

On our return to school in September it was essential for all clubs and extracurricular activities to be stopped. This is a problem for students who enjoy the challenges and building skills that clubs provide. This is also a problem for staff who want to share their passion for their subject or interests.

So, myself and Mr Richardson got to thinking about an alternative, a work around to the problem. An engineering solution.

The Thomas Hardye Engineering challenge was launched, literally, on 16th November 2020. Mr Richardson and myself made a video that was shown to tutor groups. The challenge required students to launch a 500g mass as far as they could using objects they could find around their homes or garages. A challenge that Mr Richardson and myself found to be not quite as easy as you might expect.

The interest from students was amazing, students wanting to create enormous contraptions that would lunch a bag of rice into neighbouring counties. The video entries are superb, showing engineering and cinematic competency.

Here are the top 4 entries

1st Place: Ellie Pollard
Tied 2nd Place: Frazer Mills
Tied 2nd Place: Johan Shine
3rd Place: Jeb Neely

We have awarded Ellie Pollard 50 points. Frazer Mills & Johan Shine 30 points. Jeb Neely 10 points, however Jeb also gets an additional 10 points for creativity. Well done to all. They will receive a ‘build your own trebuchet kit’.

If anyone else would like a kit, we have a few extra. Please send a request to Mr Munro or Mr Richardson’s school email account.

You will be excited to know that round 2 is being prepared. It will be a gravity defying challenge again, just a little more controlled.

Mr Munro

January 21st 2021