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Can you meet this Engineering Challenge?

So here's a recap of the challenge

Build a structure that can propel an object

The structure must be composed of household objects. Seek the owners permission.

Dining chairs, brooms, dustpan and brush, bungie cords, T-shirts etc.

The object must be 500g ± 20g. No hard objects—tins, stones, bricks etc. are out.

A 500g exercise beanbag or 500g bag of rice, dried peas/pulses etc. are perfect.

Wrap in duck tape (hence the extra 20g available).

You should propel your object as far as you can in up to 3 different ways.

Challenge Demo


The structure must be constructed from household objects. You cannot throw the object yourself, but you can activate your structure.

Ensure the area your object may land is safe and free of people and other hazards.

You should film your structure working and post to Next Cloud for judging.

Films should be a maximum of 60 seconds (enough time to add bloopers too).

You must put your name and tutor group on the film.

Films and images from films may be used in school media.

Follow lockdown restrictions!
Judging points may include; distance, construction, entertainment, film quality.

Deadline, 9am December 7th 2020
Prizes and invitations to Round 2 available.

November 2020