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Student Union

Sixth Form Centre THSThe Union is a way for Sixth Form students to take charge of running various aspects of their school life. It organises social and sport events, charity fund-raising and much more. It represents each student in the Sixth Form. The Union officials, elected each year by members, are responsible for ensuring that students’ voices are heard and that the Sixth Form is well presented.

How does The Union work?

The Union Assembly is a regular meeting of Union staff and all members who wish to attend. It makes all major decisions. Various 'Commissions' have responsibility for particular areas such as communications or social events. Sixth Form students run their Union and ensure that plans become reality. Any member can help run the Union and Union staff look for new talent and skills to add to the team.

The Union Magazine

'Six-sixty' is the Sixth Form magazine. Produced entirely by the Union it usually comes out once a term and is free. Inside you will find articles covering all aspects of Sixth Form life and about the wider world. The Union is always eager to receive contributions.

Charity and Community Projects

The Union works with the rest of the school, the wider community and charities. Each year, the Union tries to ease the transition from Year 11 to 12 for students.

This year the Sixth Form has raised money for the Meningitis Research Foundation, Sport Relief, Children in Need, Water Aid, and the Unicef Africa Project

Trips and Visits

The Union organises trips and visits for members. We have enjoyed trips to Alton Towers, gigs, concerts, shows, musicals and plays.

Mr Nicholls is the Student Union Support Co-ordinator for the Sixth Form Staff.